Ultron Blockchain Aims to Change the Crypto Game With the First Ever Single Native Layer 1 Coin

Ultron Blockchain

Ultron Foundation is one of the latest crypto projects that caught the attention of the public in recent days. The announcement of a successful launch of the Mainnet revealed a profound solution that may change the as we know it. 

As stated in Ultron’s whitepaper the team recognizes the problem in too many projects focusing on creating competing solutions with competing tokens, instead of emphasizing complete ecosystem growth by using the same native coin for the whole palette of services. The solution to the stated problem is doubling down on a single native layer 1 coin. 

Ultron Blockchain – Single coin to rule them all 

As Steve Jobs famously put it: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 

One of the biggest hurdles holding the crypto mass back is the complexity of the services the market offers. Ultron’s team set out with a simple, yet powerful mission: Enabling anyone, no matter their economic background and technological understanding to participate in the future of the digital asset market. 

As one of Ultron’s representatives told us: “We strive to design an ecosystem that will be simple enough for your grandma to handle her savings, and powerful enough for your hedge fund manager to maximize their portfolio potential.”

With a single native Layer 1 coin, the Ultron ecosystem will grant its users access to all the digital assets they need; myriads of applications and services all in one place. Furthermore, Ultron’s solution will be cost-effective, easy to understand, and capable of delivering the expectations of a passive gain generation of a wide and ever-growing pool of digital assets holders while mitigating risks. 

As stated in Ultron’s whitepaper, their ecosystem will consist of various dApps, stemming from a decentralized exchange (DEX), De-Fi applications such as farming, swapping and liquidity pools, a native NFT and much more. The team also plans to announce a solution that will finally bridge Ce-Fi and De-Fi in a way that has never been done before.

Best part? Without taking an active part in the ecosystem, ULX holders will be able to stake their coins as validators and receive up to 13% APY, while further securing the blockchain. 

About Ultron Foundation 

Ultron Foundation is an emerging blockchain that aims to offer scalability, security, and faster transaction throughputs, without compromising one for another. By adopting cutting-edge technologies and developing its native token, ULX, the team is on the fast track of becoming one of the new leaders in crypto space. Ultron Foundation is building a wholesome ecosystem that will roll out new dApps rapidly, first of them being released in the next two weeks, and even more to come at the end of the month. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram to be up to date. 


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