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startup fortune team Fortune publishes news and the latest updates from the startup industry around the world to help and connect in the community to the information and updates they would need to set up and get things rolling. The team supports entrepreneurs and startups from all niches with actionable intelligence on innovation driven by startups and their technologies.

Fortune also provides a weekly newsletter with a summary of trending news and other information from the startup scene and brings everything startup and entrepreneurship related to the novice entrepreneurs.

Being an news focused on covering the most important startup, and marketing news in India and across the globe, we have assembled a team of passionate, seasoned investment professionals to pick apart the market’s biggest headlines on a daily basis. Major News categories being covered by our dynamic team of editors and analysts, who are and economics majors from reputable institutions across the world, are:

Fortune believes that there are emerging and growing startups across diverse industry sectors with sizeable hidden value. Market disruptive discovery and innovation often occurs in small to mid-size startups that are either uncovered or underrepresented. So we focus on identifying these startups and uncovering their stories for the rest of the industry to learn from to ensure that you receive the full updates – every single day.