Iranian Entrepreneur Mohammad Halakoei Talks About Helping Iran Embrace The Blockchain Tech

Mohammad Halakoei

Mohammad Halakoei is an Iranian influencer and an expert and analyst of cryptocurrencies, who has carried out extensive activities in the field of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Persian-language social networks and websites, the most famous of which is the Halakoei Academy. Mohammad has been able to provide an opportunity for the world’s largest cryptocurrency companies to have a special view on Iran.

Hello Mohammad, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? What’s your story?

 I was born in Isfahan, Iran. I have worked as a consultant, researcher, lecturer, and writer in the field of e-commerce, Internet marketing, success in Internet business, strategy and advertising on the Internet, increasing Internet sales, etc. Since emigrating, I have been working in the field of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies for the last few years. I now work as an expert and analyst on cryptocurrencies on various social networks.

When did you begin your entrepreneurial journey in the blockchain industry?

I remember in 2011 I interviewed one of the media at a conference held in Iran. In that interview, I said that the future belongs to those who specialize in the field of mobile applications, and we saw what great applications were produced and implemented in Iran and the world after 2011. We also saw the impact it had on the economy and livelihoods at the community and global levels, creating a large number of jobs in various fields and causing major changes in businesses. Eight years later, I said elsewhere, the future will be for those who specialize in Blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized applications. I established the Halakoei Academy in 2018, and due to the demand of those interested in cryptocurrencies, I was able to take a big step towards educating and informing those interested in this field.

What gave you confidence to be doing business in a volatile industry?

There is a risk in all businesses. No business guarantees a 100% victory. I have also faced cross-sectional failures many times, and this is normal. The important thing is to be able to learn from our failures and mistakes and use the experience of others. I always tried to share all my experiences with my followers. One thing that can increase your chances of success is to go into the business with enough knowledge and experience.

Can you tell us more about your new book?

A few years ago, I published a book called “The Bamboo Success”. This book was more about internet marketing and this book was welcomed by many customers and led to its 8th publication and sold 7000 copies worldwide. Due to recent activities and requests from a number of my followers, I felt the need for a comprehensive and concise reference for these followers and decided to present a book on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Also, I recently wrote this book in both Persian and English, as I have recently tried not to limit my activities to Iran and Iranian society. The English version of this book is now available under the name “Blockchain Emperor” from Amazon.

You have founded Halakoei Academy to bring Iranians into the blockchain industry, how did it all begin?

In Iran, I encountered talented young individuals who needed an appropriate educational environment to grow and develop. Iranian youth welcome new technologies in the best way and only need a qualified guide. Blockchain technology is one of the most popular fields which is welcomed in Iran. The talent and motivation of these young individuals encouraged me to establish the Halakoei Academy. And now I am very pleased with the establishment of this academy. Because I got wonderful reflections from it.

As a person in business in the Middle East, what difficulties did you have to face when you were just getting started?

As you probably know, Iran has faced many sanctions due to political issues and economic conditions in the world. These sanctions have also had an impact on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, making it difficult for Iranian activists to do so. In addition, there are no organized rules in many countries for the use of cryptocurrencies. But despite these problems, I have tried my best to continue on my way with motivation and perseverance and to be a leading figure for my followers. I believe that nothing can stop a person from achieving his goal.

Could you tell us about what makes your organisation stand out?

What makes this organization apart is the fact that more than 100 people work in the team as freelancers. The members of this team have proven that distance and absenteeism cannot prevent success. The members of this team are constantly working in different groups, and I have tried my best to be active and fully supportive of the team members. In fact, the members of the Halakoei Academy team are a large family that work together to achieve a great goal. It’s worth mentioning that more than 150,000 members are currently studying at Halakoei Academy.

What was your biggest failure? What did you learn from this mistake/failure?

A few years ago, when I started working in the cryptocurrency financial market, I lost about $ 100,000 due to my limited experience. The lesson I learned from this failure was that in addition to experience and knowledge, patience is very important to enter the cryptocurrency market. We must learn that the best opportunity is when everyone is selling, you buy and when everyone is buying, sell!

How did COVID-19 impact the industry, especially in Iran?

Coronavirus taught us great lessons. For example, nothing in the world is unchanged and absolute. Many businesses in this situation stagnated and many people lost their jobs. They tried to turn to online businesses to improve the situation. One of the most popular and safest things to do in this situation was to trade cryptocurrencies and make out of them. The disease affected the entire world economy, and it was here that cryptocurrencies showed themselves. Especially those who were migrating and facing financial transfer difficulties, as well as the fact that gold has always been considered a safe capital in all eras, were drawn to the use of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin. Although some cryptocurrencies were affected by the disease and experienced different challenges. Including fluctuations, various rumours, etc.

What are your goals and future plans?

We are working on an idea that will be launched in Europe. This is based on Blockchain and can be a great help in the field of investor communication with news sites and social networks. This idea is going to be revealed in the near future.

As a successful entrepreneur what advice would you give to those who like to start working in the industry?

I have always told everyone who wants to work in this field: The world of cryptocurrencies is a lucrative but a dangerous world. So do not enter this market, emotionally. My advice to those who want to start their activity in this field is to be as educated as possible and practice before you start. Read about this area and gain enough knowledge as well as keep your information up to date.

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