Portalheads NFT Launches Public Sale on Fantom


sale launched on Fantom Opera network today at 4:00 UTC and is minting live at https://portalheads.io/. 25% of the supply had already been sold within the first hour.

is the new NFT on the Fantom blockchain. A 10,000 strong group of nomadic misfits, teleporting their way to Fantom! Brought to you from the minds of Modern People, an ambitious creative collective looking to push the boundaries of art and technology. 

Following the incredible boom in the NFT space, is a first of its kind coming to Fantom. With an art-first approach, the Modern have been messaging their approach on recent AMAs with FTM Alerts, COMA, and  FTM NFT Degens:

“We have an art-first approach that provides long term utility, and long- investment for our collectors” said Sytron, one of the collective’s founders.

represents a watershed moment for Fantom. Taking advantage of the network’s negligible gas fees, fast network, the project seeks to bring Fantom’s recent competition in the NFT space to a new level.

With an innovative 1% royalty share for original minters, full rights given to owners, MOPA, a Portalhead digital gallery of derivatives from the community, and a future grant that will build other art projects the collective believes in, have been in the spotlight for the past few weeks.  

More details can be found at: https://portalheads.io

Media Contacts:

Toby Kurtzz
Email: TobyKurtzz@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Portalheads
Discord: TobyKurtzz #5864


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