Avoiding Common Startup Mistakes to Become Uncommon

Startup Mistakes

Startups put a lot of pressure on their leaders to make the right choices. It’s a stressful position to be in. But there are a few key strategies that will help you focus on what matters.

Be ready to change

Being an you need to be always hungry for feedback and be ready to change. It is one of the most important ideas that you can grab and especially as a leader. The one who is willing to change will evolve the business. In the early days the scope of change is massive as you are more flexible with it. Making small and large changes enables ultimately finding product-market fit.

Find your product-market fit 

Modern cloud deployment platforms give you the ability to get your ideas in the hands of users. With tools like this, you can focus entirely on building your product as users are interacting with it, so you can learn from those users as quickly as possible.

Don’t make it a secret 

Startups used to build their product in secret, and won’t show it to anyone for fear someone else will steal their idea. But we have to accept the fact that people are not sitting around, just waiting for a great idea they can steal and then build. Our idea is not just ours. There might be other people who are working on similar lines. The thing you can do isn’t to work on it in secret, but to build it, and get it in front of customers as fast as possible. 

Build plan

Build three step planning. You need to plan your next step, build it, and get feedback. If needed, amend the plan. Repeat it all wherever and whenever needed. You’re always wrong about something or the other in your business. Your only at this point is to be wrong as fast as humanly possible so that you can find out what right is and start building the right thing.

Keep the cyclic order of building, executing, and getting feedback at whichever stage it is needed. It’s only in the feedback cycle that you’ll learn where you’re wrong and start to get right. 


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