Predictable Branding Strategies for an Unpredictable Year

Branding Strategies 2021

Currently, businesses are  faced with multiple challenges. Losing market share, changing consumer behaviour, shuttered down stores are some of these challenges. The need of 2021 for brands will be to be noticeable.

Take care of your consumers

In a study it was found that 77% of brands are irrelevant in the lives of consumers. Nobody would care even if they disappear.

In another report it was found out that only 79% of the 2,447 consumers who were surveyed could recall instances where brands positively responded to the COVID-19 outbreak. The brands took initiatives to positively impact their customers, workforces, and communities through the crisis. 

This gave a positive impact to the consumers. People  now see businesses as more competent than nonprofits and governments when it comes to solving issues. This certainly shows how value brands that align with their own personal values. 


Drastic measures will be seen in the coming year to rebuild the economy as India tries to position itself as a manufacturing hub in the new world order. India is trying to regain  its momentum to reach its aspired pre-Covid of becoming a USD 5 trillion economy. 

It would be necessary for the brand to be purpose-focused. It would also help to reposition the brand in a meaningful way to meet the needs of the stakeholder. 

A can dramatically change course during its life cycle. An efficient internal marketing team can help you get the desired attention.

Growth of and physical retail 

is definitely set to rise. But it is not the end of physical retail. No matter how engaging or convenient the digit market is, virtual reality cannot wipe out the human dimension of commerce. There is something refreshing in physical interactions, trying on clothes, a trip to the mall with friends and it will be back,eventually.  But the whole purpose is to make a sale, whether customers are show-rooming or web-rooming. 

Localizing brand presence

Local stores came into sharp focus after the shutdown. The lockdown brought the relevance, trust and sustainability elements of local stores. Hence, making one’s presence by hosting community events, sponsoring local events and developing hyper local messaging strategies to address these local forums. This will drive engagement while addressing ’s fears and misgivings. 

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